Produces a wide range of pressing machines and automatic units for preparing the shirts and outerwear garments parts.

-Shirt Front Line
 • Creasing machine for folding fronts and half sleeves
 • Automatic unit for shirt front sewing
 • Shirt front trimming machine
-Shirt Collar Line
 • Points shearing and collar turning device
 • Collar pressing machine
 • Collar stitcher with pointers for fixing the lower adhesive part
 • Collar cutter
 • Collar marker without perforation
-Shirt Cuffs Line
 • Cuffs sewing and trimming machine
 • Cuffs pressing machine
 • Cuffs hem pressing and thermo fusing machine
-Jeans Line
 • Automatic unit for pocket hemming and labels sewing
 • Pocket creaser
 • Automatic unit for pocket fastening
-Other Machines
 • Shirt folding table
 • Pocket creaser for outerwear garments
 • Pressing machine for vent facings of shirt sleeves and polo collar facings

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