1. Useful for knitwear manufacturers (in DIALOG TEXTIL nr. 2/2007).

2. PEGASUS at AAMA-TEX 2007 in Singapore.March-20-23(in JSN INTERNATIONAL nr.february 2007-Japan).

3. Top quality spot tacks with STROBEL machines only (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX nr.16-february 2007).

4. INFO PEGASUS - High quality trousers pocket bags (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX nr.16-february 2007).

5. The ROTONDI ironing equipments give to the clothes a fautless shape (in DIALOG TEXTIL nr.4-2007).

6. Premiere of the latest developments of the M-type series.DURKOPP ADLER presents itself at INTERZUM 2007(9 - 12 IV).(in JSN INTERNATIONAL nr.april 2007, Japonia).

7. Maximum flexibility and unique performance. DURKOPP ADLER presents a new M-type post bed machine at the INTERZUM 2007.(in JSN INTERNATIONAL nr.may 2007, Japonia).

8. INFO STROBEL Machines for fur manufacturing. Machines for footwear manufacturing (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX - nr.may 2007).

9. INFO DURKOPP ADLER Zig-zag machines (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX - nr.may 2007).

10.Premiere of the latest developments of the M-Type Series DURKOPP ADLER presents itself at the INTERZUM – 2007 (in THE NIPPON SEWING MACHINE NEWS no572 – May 2007 – Japan )

11.Our bestseller in India : four pillars for your production – DURKOPP ADLER cl 100-68,510,580 and 1265-5 ( in JSN INTERNATIONAL no.June 2007 – Japan)

12.DURKOPP ADLER in India (in JSN INTERNATIONAL no.June 2007 – Japan).

13.INTERZUM 2007 fulfills high expectation.DURKOPP ADLER  satisfied with the course of the fair ( in JSN INTERNATIONAL no.June 2007 – Japan ).

14.PEGASUS at CISMA 2007 – 26- 29 September,Shanghai,China. ( in JSN INTERNATIONAL no.August 2007-Japan).

15.GEMATEX offers machines for the best quality men suits manufacturing ( in DIALOG TEXTIL no.7-8 – 2007 ).

16.A new style of blue jeans  and a perfect technology realized with VI. BE. MAC. Cl. 3064 (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.18-August 2007 ).

17.The key of the success.(inBULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.18-August 2007).

18.FK GROUP ieri,oggi ma soprattutto domani (in CONFEZIONE nr.5 settembre 2007).

19.DURKOPP ADLER –occhielatrice a controllo CNC versione  MULTIFLEX .( in TECHNO FASHION nr.sept.2007).

20.DIGISCAN e il nuovo sistema FK GROUP.(in TECHNO FASHION nr.settembre 2007).

21.MARTIN GROUP presenta la rivoluzionaria X1400 KP.( in TECHNO FASHIONnr.settembre 2007).

22.State-of-the-art sewing machines launched by DURKOPP ADLER (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.10 Oct.2007).

23.Other technical news from the company represented by GEMATEX (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.12. Dec.2007).

24.DURKOPP ADLER class 281 - New premium high speed lockstitch Machine for universal user (in JSN International no.nov.2007-Japan).


1. New Lockstitch Generation-High Speed Lockstitch Machine DURKOPP ADLER cl.281 (in JSN International no.ian.2008-Japan).

2. News from GEMATEX (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.2 February 2008).

3. NEW! DURKOPP ADLER cl.281, high speed, flat bed, one needle, lockstitch sewing machine for universal use (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.19-febr.2008).

4. Sewing equipment for shoe manufacturers (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.19-febr.2008).

5. INFO PEGASUS-Series M800 Overedgers and Safety Stitch Machines (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.19-febr.2008).

6. PEGASUS-at 9th China (Dongguan) Int'l Textile & Clothing Industry Fair (5-8 III 2008)(in JSN International no.febr.2008-Japan).


8. PEGASUS FS700 series produces flat and strong seams (in JSN International no.mar.2008)

9. GROZ BECKERT-Needles for the processing of leather perfect seams for all applications (in JSN International no.mar.2008-Japan).

10.New offers from ROTTONDI GRUP (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.4.apr.2008)

11.NEW! DURKOPP ADLER cl.609-100101, one needle, lockstitch, cylinder bed machine for sewing or basting operations (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.20.apr.2008)

12.Improvments for a better technological flexibility and precise working (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.20.apr.2008).

13.Info FK GROUP-TopCut 0-30 Biliardo Automatic Cutting Unit (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.20.apr.2008).

14.VI.BE.MAC.-sewing machines in world premiere (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX no.20.apr.2008).

15.New offers from ROTONDI GROUP ( in DIALOG TEXTIL no.4 April 2008).

16.New generation: High speed lockstitch machine DURKOPP ADLER cl.281 (in JSN International no.may 2008-Japan).

17.Interview with Ms.Karin Brinkmann Area Segment Manager of DURKOPP ADLER Vietnam (in JSN International no.may.2008).

18.Vietnam Saigon Textile&Garment Industry Expo 2008 opens (in JSN International no May 2008 Japan).

19.GROZ BECKERT-The special application Needle MR developped for automated Sewing Processes with Multidirectional Feeding System (in JSN International no.june.2008).

20.At GEMATEX the line of development is continuous (in DIALOG TEXTIL no 7-8 June – July 2008).

21.The technical developpment line is uninterrupted at GEMATEX (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.7-8. jun-jul.2008).

22.PEGASUS holds "JIAM 2008 slection show" at its Headquarters (in JSN International no.aug.2008-Japan).

23.NEW…NEW…NEW…(in DIALOG TEXTIL no.10 October 2008).

24.Selected from the novelties launched through the represented companies by GEMATEX (in BULETIN DE INFORMARE GEMATEX No. 21 – October 2008).

25.Offers from GEMATEX (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.12.dec.2008).

26.DURKOPP ADLER completes M-TYPE series (in JSN International nor.oct.2008-Japan).

27.DURKOPP ADLER on HEIM-TEXTIL 2009 (in JSN International nr.nov.2008-Japan).


1. Premiere at PEGASUS company (in DIALOG TEXTIL no.2 February 2009).

2. IMB 2009 World of Textile Processing receives positive response from exhibitors (in JSN International no.January – Japan).



     1. Pressing room productivity and quality- ROTONDI GROUP      rolls out new automatic pressing unit. (Tecnica della
     Confezione e Maglieria nr. 3-4/2005 Italy).

     2. FK GROUP cutting room equipment- (Technica della      Confezione e Maglieria nr. 6-7/2005 Italy).

     3. TopCut- automatic cutting units with high flexibility. (Dialog      Textil no 2/2005-Romania).

     4. New! From MARTIN GROUP- Continous thermofusing       machines for shirt, Mod X600SH (Producatori no. of apr. 2005-      Romania).

     5. Automatic spreaders with high productivity and flexibility      (Dialog Textil no. 4/2005- Romania).

     6. More news from GEMATEX (Dialog Textil no. 6/2005-      Romania).

     7. New! From FK GROUP: Flash plot the fastest  pen plotter in      the world (Producatori no. of june 2005- Romania).

     8. A technical gem: DURKOPP ADLER cl 580 the automatic      computerized eyelet buttonholer (Producatori no of july 2005-      Romania).

     9. MAREMOD- one of the most modern clothing factory in      Romania. (an interview with Mrs. Maria Parcalabescu President      of Board of Administration). (Dialog Textil special issue july
     2005- Romania).

     10. The automatic eyelet buttonholer unit DURKOPP ADLER      cl.580, a technical masterpiece. (Dialog Textil 10/2005-

     11. A press materials applications. MEPP MARTIN GROUP.      (Production no of September 2005- Romania).

     12. The GEMATEX- FK GROUP sympoziuunes (Revista      Comerciantului de Imbracaminte si Incaltaminte no. 72/IV-

     13. The automatic cutting unit TopCut- FK GROUP
     (Producatori no of march 2005- Romania).

     14. Continous thermofusing machines for clothes Mod.
     X600K and X1000k (Producatori no of may 2005- Romania).

     15. TopCut- automatic cutting units with the highest flexibility      (Revista Comerciantului de Imbracaminte  si Incaltaminte nr.      70/1- 2005- Romania).

     16. The ROTONDI presses have a high performance
     automation. (Producatori no of oct. 2005- Romania).

     17. A new generation of sewing units for runstitching of
     pocket openings DURKOPP ADLER 745-34-2 (Producatori
     no of nov. 2005- Romania).

     18. PEGASUS- machines series M800- a new improved      generation of basic machines.  (Producatori no of dec.  2005-      Romania).

     19. PEGASUS- machines of last generation for a high efficiency      manufacturing of underwear. (Dialog textil no 12/2005-      Romania).

     20. MX series debuts! A new line of safety stitch machines and      overedgees (JSN International- jan 2005- Japan).

     21. Contributing to growth of south Asian knit factories Pegasus      Sewing Machine  Pte. Ltd. (JSN International- jan. 2005- Japan).

     22. New automatic eyelet buttonholer 580 Multiflex sets flexibility      standards  (JSN International dec. 2005- Japan).

     23. Quality is setting more and more important! DURKOPP      ADLER cl.  745-34-2. (JSN International nov. 2005- Japan).


     1. Felling machine for waistband  linings cl. 103-191      (PRODUCATORI nr. febr. 2006).

     2. News from GEMATEX (DIALOG TEXIL nr. 2/2006).

     3. Automatic cutting unit TopCut 0-30 (PRODUCATORI NR.      March 2006).

     4. Martin Group Exhibits new fusing machines (JSN nr. March      2006, Japan).

     5. "Good bargain" machines, advantages & Desadvantages.      (DIALOG TEXTIL nr. 4 - 2006)

     6. Fusing (Martin Group), (FASHION BUSINESS      INTERNATIONAL nr. IV - V 2006).

     7.PEGASUS at IMB 2006 Koln. (JSN April 2006, Japan).

     8. Italian clothing Machine Market into the future with      innovations (TEXTILE NETWORK nr. 5, Great Britain).

     9. Successful presentation of DURKOPP ADLER at IMB-2006      (JSN - June 2006, Japan).

     10. News from IMB - 2006 Koln (PRODUCATORI nr. June 2006).

     11. 10% of MAREMOD sales is on Romanian market (in DIALOG      TEXTIL Nr. 6/2006).

     12.Interview with Mr. Friedbert Schulz, Marketing Director of      DURKOPP ADLER about the IMB in Cologne (JSN nr. August      2006 Japan).

     13. GEMATEX- IMB 2006 Koln (in DIALOG TEXTIL nr. 7-8 /      2006).

     14. PEGASUS at the SCISMA show in Guangzhou, China IX      2006 (in JSN INTERNATIONAL nr. IX 2006 Japan).

     15. PEGASUS in China (in JSN INTERNATIONAL nr. IX 2006      Japan).

     16. Remember: GEMATEX offers high performance equipments.      (in DIALOG TEXTIL nr. 10 2006).

     17. The Automatic Cutting Unit TopCut 0-30 FKGroup (in Buletin      de Informare GEMATEX nr. 14 - July 2006).

     18. M.A.I.C.A - Iltaly, Machines and automatic units for shirt and      garment industry (in DIALOG TEXTIL nr. 12/2006).

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