It is a strong industrial group composed of two main companies, leaders in the domain:
 • FK Systems - producer of CAD/CAM equipments for clothing industry;
 • FK Arna - producer of machines, automatic units and auxiliary machinery for cutting rooms.
Main features of the products: a high technological flexibility , a high productivity and an excelent reability.
FK GROUP is a world-wide wellknown producer of equipments for production preparation and for cutting rooms.

 • CAD/ CAM equipments for pattern designing and grading marker making and marker plotting ( on paper support, on diskettes or CD).
 • complete lines of machinery for cutting rooms.

 • cloth roll loaders (hoists)
 • spreading tables with/without air flotation/ vacuum combination system
 • transfer tables
 • conveyor tables
 • multi tier storage
 • manual spreading machines
 • semiautomatic spreading machines
 automatic spreading machines
 • spreading machines for tubular fabrics
 • automatic cutters of different capacities
 • bond knife cutting machines with / without air flotation
 • straight or round knife mobile cutting machines
 • high speed plotters etc.

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